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Chicago, IL


Logan Babcock conducted an internal Materiality Assessment for Conservice, identifying the material ESG topics and creating a roadmap to guide progress and initiatives.


Conservice engaged Climate Corps Fellow Logan Babcock to complete a Materiality Assessment and construct a 3-Year Roadmap outlining actions and goals for Conservice’s ESG programs. This Materiality Assessment identified the areas of ESG most relevant to Conservice’s success and most aligned with company values, and created a plan to address these topics within Conservice.


Logan helped complete the Materiality Assessment by overseeing and leading the following phases of the project:

  1. Interviews of executive leadership, Board representatives, and ESG leaders. Logan interviewed relevant stakeholders to identify areas of ESG material to Conservice’s operations and goals.

  2. Assembled, disseminated, and analyzed the results of a survey sent out to Conservice employees. Logan constructed a Materiality Matrix using survey results, which helped further identify ESG topics and their relevance to employees. 

  3. Conducted peer benchmarking and an analysis of industry best practices. Logan researched Conservice’s competitors and industry leaders to collect examples of best practices and performance in ESG practices; this information was compiled into a peer landscape chart, which identified industry leaders and opportunities for growth for Conservice. 

  4. Created a 3-Year roadmap with goals and actions for each identified material topic. The roadmap was informed through peer research, and builds the industry best practices into Conservice’s approach and goal setting. The roadmap guides Conservice to an industry leading position on over ten ESG topics.

Potential Impact

The Materiality Assessment will guide Conservice’s approach to ESG efforts for the next three years. The formal report and supplemental documents will help align Conservice’s efforts to applicable reporting frameworks, so that their company performance can be compared to others, and contribute to their industry’s growing emphasis on ESG practices.

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