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Transport and Warehousing

Project Types

Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change, Goals/Targets, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Anchorage, AK


Orion Allgaier formulated actionable, results-oriented recommendations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and inform future planning decisions.


Driven by their core values and enabled by their people, Crowley is committed to be the most “sustainable and innovative maritime logistics and solutions provider in the Americas by 2025.” Wanting to catalyze action and empower stakeholders in their Fuels business unit, Crowley brought Orion H. Allgaier on to champion the creation of Crowley Fuels greenhouse gas inventory, develop actionable, result-driven recommendations to reduce emissions, and engage stakeholders at Crowley Fuels and across the Crowley brand.


Orion approached these opportunities ready to go the extra mile, ignite an interest in sustainability, and collaborate with others at every opportunity.

He led the collection and automation of annual energy reports for thirty-three facilities and fifteen utility providers; developed a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory using an excel-based query to merge own-use fuel consumption across facilities, vessels, and equipment; and authored FuelingForward©, an integrated sustainability framework to fuel sustainable growth at Crowley Fuels and position the organization to think strategically and capitalize on opportunities.

He is incredibly proud of what the team has been able to accomplish with the organization and is extremely excited to see what they accomplish moving forward.

Potential Impact

Inspired to exceed expectations, Orion collaborated with employees, executive leadership, customers, and international and community stakeholders from across the business actively to assess the organization’s most material sustainability topics; traveled across the state of Alaska to develop a common understanding of sustainability throughout Crowley’s diverse employee base; and championed the creation of Crowley Fuels Alaska’s first ever comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory, a complex process requiring analytical, technical, and clear communication skills.

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