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Ha performed energy and waste data analysis, helped train staff in an Energy Review Tool and recommended potential energy projects for implementation.


Yuejiao Ha was hired to support Cummins’ energy and climate change initiative. 


Ha helped the company organize monthly energy use data and energy efficiency projects at nearly 30 sites in China for April, May and June 2014. Based on the information, Ha generated energy reports and held energy review meetings for site energy leaders.

Multiple Cummins China sites are planning to gradually implement the ISO 50001 Energy Management System starting in late 2014, and the Energy Review Tool will be an important instrument for implementation. Ha learned about the tool and conducted training for about 30 site energy leaders. She identified several opportunities to improve the tool, which were implemented.

The Cummins China Region is considering formalizing its waste management regulations and skills beginning in 2015, and Ha took charge of conducting baseline analysis on waste data from sites in China. The analysis identified the major waste types of sites and compared sites’ performance in terms of waste footprint by type, waste footprint by disposal method and generation intensity (waste generated divided by working hours).

Ha also recommended implementing potential energy projects at selected sites. Suggested opportunities included, improving lighting systems, using solar energy and changing the energy source for boilers from diesel to natural gas.

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