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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Cleveland, OH


Shivani Shukla is developing a Climate Risk to Business tool to calculate cost of operations in Cuyahoga County due to intensifying climate risks.


The Department of Sustainability, Cuyahoga County (OH) engaged Climate Corps Fellow Shivani Shukla to develop a climate risk assessment tool for businesses and private entities. This tool comprises the calculation of higher insurance, power, and water costs from increasing physical risks due to climate change.


Shivani contributed to the process of developing the Climate Risk to Businesses Tool (CRBT) in the following ways:

  • Developing a robust data strategy for CRBT by identifying data sources.
  • Compiling an extensive literature review for the CRBT from a wide variety of academic and corporate literature streams.
  • Establishing relationships and communications with relevant parties towards development of the calculator.
  • Redrafting the grant application towards additional funding from the Cleveland Foundation for the Tool.
  • Developing a Dissemination Plan for the Tool for when it is operational as a public resource.

Additionally, Shivani aided the County Sustainability Team with their GHG accounting reporting and climate disclosure submittal to CDP. She actively participated in the County’s planning meetings and provided insights on various projects such as micromobility expansion and establishment of a new County electricity utility.

Potential Impact

The County plans to disseminate the Climate Risk to Business Tool as a public resource. The Tool demonstrates the relative geographical advantage of the Cleveland region which renders a lower overall climate risk and envisions attracting businesses to spur economic development in the region.

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