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Annual CO2 Reductions:

2,351 metric tons


Dan Wojciechowski worked with Danone Waters of America to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions and create a roadmap to reduce evian®’s carbon footprint.


Danone Waters of America, distributor of evian natural spring water in the U.S. and Canada, committed to making evian a carbon neutral brand by 2020. Danone Waters enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Dan Wojciechowski to calculate the GHG emissions footprint from supply chain activities and create a roadmap for making emissions reductions.


To understand Danone’s supply chain footprint, Wojciechowski collected data from the main distributor to create an accurate supply chain data collection framework which provided detailed data for greenhouse gas emissions calculations. He was also able to identify several emissions reduction opportunities, including improved container utilization, intermodal shipping opportunities and port to distributor direct shipments.

Potential Impact

Wojciechowski identified projects with the potential to reduce 2,351 metric tons CO2e emissions over a 3-year period. Danone’s supply chain team have initiated a few of Wojciechowski’s recommendations, these projects will allow the evian brand to achieve its carbon neutrality goals and expand its sustainability portfolio.

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