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Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Dallas, TX


Kelley Fairman crafted DataBank’s multiyear climate risk and resilience strategy, including a framework for climate risk assessment and a dynamic climate scenario analysis model.


DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud, and interconnection services. The company is focused on bolstering its resilience to climate-related hazards and helping advance the transition to a low carbon economy. By formalizing its approach to climate risk management, DataBank is further equipped to continue supporting the mission-critical IT infrastructure of modern society.


Kelley created a phased climate risk and resilience strategy for DataBank by researching industry best practices, analyzing the company’s facilities and operations for physical and transition risks, and collaborating with stakeholders.

She conducted a gap assessment and benchmarked DataBank against peers to identify core needs. Kelley wrote DataBank’s climate policy and crafted a climate risk screening process for site selection. She established a framework and repeatable process for conducting TCFD-aligned climate scenario analysis and assessed DataBank’s climate-related risks and opportunities. Recommendations for risk mitigation and focus areas for further evaluation were presented to DataBank’s ESG Committee.

Kelley also assisted in DataBank’s first CDP disclosure and researched additional levers of sustainability such as renewable diesel and nature-based cooling solutions.

Potential Impact

Kelley’s contributions help to implement best practices in climate risk management to inform DataBank’s business strategy and financial planning. Her strategy lays the groundwork for facility-level climate risk assessments that engage cross-functional teams and the integration of DataBank’s climate risks with the company’s risk registry.

Kelley’s research into innovative backup power and cooling solutions presents opportunities to reduce DataBank’s greenhouse gas emissions and resource use.

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