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Goals/Targets, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Dallas, TX


Maryam created a comprehensive ESG framework with a repeatable process for creating DataBank ESG reports.


DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud, and interconnection services. For data centers, ESG considerations have proven to be vital as these measures can add value by helping maximize operational efficiencies, align stakeholder interests, and reduce overall risks. As a result, it’s crucial for DataBank to measure and report its ESG performance and develop its ESG strategy as a good corporate citizen.


Maryam created a comprehensive ESG framework by researching global ESG standards and reporting frameworks, benchmarking peers, and researching corporate ESG practices in the Data Center sector.

She also created an internal policy and procedure for sourcing data and the company’s milestones for ESG reporting. She compiled a qualitative review of the company’s current sustainability landscape and created DataBank’s first ESG report by gathering quantitative data on various DataBank data centers (i.e. energy, water, etc.) and interviewing multiple internal teams.

After collecting the data and evaluating DataBank’s ESG current states, Maryam suggested a list of next steps and best practices for future plans for all three Environmental, Social, and Governance areas.

Potential Impact

Maryam created a comprehensive framework and a repeatable process for ESG reporting at DataBank that will facilitate annual ESG reporting. She also identified several opportunities to keep DataBank on track with ESG priorities and navigate strategic planning for ESG commitments and metrics.

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