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Clean and Renewable Energy, Zero Emission Vehicles, Freight and Logistics




New York, NY


The New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) is challenged with meeting bold goals of 100% fleet electrification by 2040.


With an aggressive timeline and an expansive vision that includes not only off-road vehicles but also aircraft, DCAS tasked Deborah Halla with assisting in:

  1. Evaluating funding opportunities for electrification efforts;
  2. Identifying repower vendors, determining offerings and capabilities, and making recommendations for vehicles that could be converted;
  3. Evaluating the risks and benefits of electric helicopters; and
  4. Evaluating charging equipment hardware and networking options to determine capabilities in regards to interoperability, cybersecurity, and resiliency.


Halla tackled the challenge by:

  1. Identifying potential funds and initiating a process to resolve barriers to access;
  2. Creating a matrix of vendors by vehicle class and their vehicle offering as well as engaging in initial calls with vendors to determine which NYC vehicles would be best suited for repower;
  3. Preparing a comprehensive report addressing NY City Council questions regarding the benefits, risks, and costs associated with electric aircraft in response to City Council interest; and
  4. Creating matrix of current electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) hardware and network providers along with short-, mid-, and long-term recommendation to address issues associated with EVSE interoperability, cybersecurity, and resiliency.

Potential Impact

Using the results of the analyses performed, Halla:

  1. Identified $2.5M in potential funding for NYC’s repowering efforts and outlined the steps required to actualize those funds;
  2. Helped streamline process for identifying which of NYC’s thousands of medium- and heavy-duty vehicle (MHDV) were suitable for repower to battery electric as well as researched potential and appropriate vendors to perform those conversions;
  3. Answered initial questions and identified sources based on a proposed NY City Council law in regards to the progress and potential of electric aircraft; and
  4. Provided concrete recommendations to continue building towards increased EVSE resiliency and emergency preparedness.

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