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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy






Xinyi Wang looked for proven circular economy business models in the market, for more specialized repair companies and repair service solutions.


  • Circular economy models in the product market
  • A list of related incentive or restrictive (toxic raw material) regulations and laws in China which circular business solution provider
  • A list of company names & the contact information of those solution providers in different provinces
  • To move ahead with the production department with the factory scale and product business


  • Investigate the current product circular economy business model in the Chinese market.
  • Gather data from the maintenance department, including product life, maintenance frequency, product cost, maintenance cost, specific maintenance methods, maintenance waste disposal, and more
  • Research rebates and incentives offered by the city and government, circular economy business models from similar types of companies, and low carbon destruction methods for products
  • Identify a circular economy business model, a more professional repair facility, and a lower carbon destruction method that meets the company's needs

Potential Impact

Xinyi's work provides Decathlon's product sectors with information on circular economy models in the product market, maintenance manufacturers with the factory scale and product business, related incentive or restrictive regulations and laws, the development status and trend of HARD products, and green raw materials to facilitate their future production and to provide some new ideas on circular economy.

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