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Englewood, CO


Darren Legge analyzed potential energy saving opportunities within the home energy management market for DirecTV.


Darren Legge was asked to analyze the home energy management market on behalf of DIRECTV, including a market forecast, a review of the competitive landscape and an exploration of potential revenue sources and product types. He also analyzed the market’s strategic fit with the company’s vision.


In collaboration with staff from DIRECTV’s Finance and Consumer Research departments, Legge developed a six-year market outlook, and together with Engineering and Home Security, he provided a review of technology best practices. He presented his findings to key stakeholders within the organization, including senior leadership.

Potential Impact

Home energy management could help homeowners save billions of kilowatt hours annually. This project was part of a broader goal to reduce customer emissions by more than 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide by 2020. By identifying new ways to reduce Scope 3 emissions, this engagement with EDF Climate Corps helped DIRECTV expand its sustainability strategy to include more outward-facing initiatives.

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