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Medford, MA


Khadija Holder identified best practices in leveraging engagement efforts between key players in the energy market to support DNV’s creation of the company’s Sales Strategies report.


The Competitive Energy Markets Team at DNV is seeking to create its 2022 Energy Blueprint: Sales Strategies report and has enlisted Khadija Holder to support its market research, survey implementation, and client engagement. To achieve project success, Khadija must assist with the design and administration of three surveys that provide a comprehensive understanding of energy suppliers, brokers and customers in the United States, as well as increase survey participation and partnerships with these key energy stakeholders.


To meet the project’s goals, Khadija:

  1. Co-created surveys. Khadija jointly created the three surveys used to capture feedback from energy suppliers, brokers and customers about the most important aspects of their energy procuring and contracting process. These surveys were designed to examine their energy management decisions and decarbonization initiatives.

  1. Assembled contact lists and increased engagement using direct outreach and social media. The final engagement list included

    • The Climate Corps network – 100 companies pursuing energy-related sustainability goals.

    • Trade Associations – 572 groups in competitive energy markets. 

    • LinkedIn Campaign – 10 engagement posts across multiple groups.

  1. Identified C&I Customers’ decarbonization criteria. Khadija utilized feedback from customer interviews to highlight and assess their decarbonization criteria. 


Potential Impact

Through Khadija, DNV engaged with new customers and examined a variety of methods for increasing interview/survey participation. DNV now has a better understanding of where to focus future engagement efforts. Since Khadija’s work demonstrated that customer participation is higher when engagement occurs via networks, developing mutually beneficial partnerships with customer-facing groups (e.g. trade associations, GreenBiz, CEBA) was deemed best practice for future studies. In addition, Khadija found that generating a glossary of terms used by suppliers, brokers and customers can reduce the time taken to create surveys.

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