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Rajas Pandey laid the groundwork for the development a new Dun & Bradstreet dataset and product focused on supply chain ESG metrics.


Dun & Bradstreet is a leading provider of financial decisioning data. The company is building new products to get a competitive edge in the ESG solutions market and hired Rajas Pandey over the summer to lay the foundation for a new dataset and product that offers supply chain managers and investors with deep visibility into their network of suppliers and operations to better manage risk and comply with a changing regulatory landscape.


Rajas worked on three key areas of the product development process – 

  • Identified key differentiators for Dun & Bradstreet’s ESG product by analyzing competitors’ offerings and identifying areas where the company could excel. Rajas also created a detailed persona of the target buyer to assist in the sales process.

  • Created metrics and a prototype of the product, working closely with the Analytics team to develop differentiated metrics and visualizations that provide insights about different risk and mitigation strategies.  

  • Developed the business case and go-to-market strategy. Using data on the market potential and past sales trends, Rajas developed a financial model for sales and revenue projections and a go-to-market strategy to assist with the marketing and sale of the product.

Potential Impact

The fellowship laid the foundation for building an extensive supply chain dataset and product that can now be tested with select clients. When launched, the product can potentially lead to new revenue opportunities around the world.

This product will complement other analytics products in the Dun & Bradstreet suite of risk management offerings, furthering its leadership position in the ESG intelligence market. The data will also help clients improve their supply chain operations and remain agile in an ever-changing world.

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