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Tyler Fitch helped fashion innovative clean energy policy in the state of Illinois by crafting a solar financial model for the Future Energy Jobs Act.


The Clean Jobs Coalition is a state-wide group of over 200 organizations in the environmental, business and faith communities working together to promote clean energy in Illinois. In 2016, the Coalition celebrated the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act, a landmark piece of legislation that could change the energy and jobs landscape in Illinois. This was a major victory, but more work is needed to ensure the Act is implemented using smart policy. To help design a transparent, smart and fair support for new solar projects, the EDF Midwest Clean Energy team. a Clean Jobs Coalition member, brought in EDF Climate Corps fellow Tyler Fitch.


Fitch reviewed the progress of solar policies in California, New York and Massachusetts to identify best practices for the Illinois program. To better understand the impact of the policy on individual businesses and solar projects, he created a financial model of solar projects across the state and evaluated the effects of potential solar policies.

Working with a team of experts at EDF and a third-party consultant group, Tyler reviewed the results of his financial model and crafted a series of recommendations for the adjustable. EDF then partnered with Illinois-based non-profits, the Citizens Utility Board and the Respiratory Health Association, to submit comments and recommendations to the Illinois Power Agency.

Potential Impact

Although official policy implementation will take six months, the initial recommendations will set the stage for drafting, discussion and eventual policy.

The solar incentive program and the Future Energy Jobs Act has the potential to drive over 200 MW of distributed solar in Illinois by 2021--that’s enough to power 7,000 homes, year-long. Effective solar policy will establish Illinois as a solar leader in the clean energy revolution and an example for other forward-looking states to follow. 

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