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Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Seattle, WA


Simon Graham authored key strategic communications documents across EDF+Business projects.


Translating complex, technical information into stories that are compelling for a range of audiences is essential for climate literacy and action. To this end, the EDF+Business Marketing and Communications team enlisted Climate Corps fellow Simon Graham to produce targeted content and messaging for flagship projects like the Net Zero Action Accelerator.


To author effective written materials for EDF+Business projects, Simon’s work was informed by:

  • Analyzing EDF’s organizational voice through research and interviews with EDF colleagues
  • Researching current public conversations and the common language used by organizations and the media on relevant topics
  • Analyzing the unique needs and priorities of the targeted audiences for each EDF project

With this context and supporting information in mind, Simon authored tailored educational content, marketing copy, newsletters, blog posts, press releases, video scripts and talking points for EDF.

Potential Impact

By writing in a way that was deeply informed by subject matter knowledge, storytelling acumen, and an understanding of the relationship between EDF and its audiences, Simon’s work was instrumental to the launch of the Net Zero Action Accelerator at New York Climate Week 2023. It was also central to the launch of season six of EDF’s Degrees podcast.

Simon’s writing has built a foundation for the communication strategies for these projects and others, and has a life that continues far beyond the fellowship.

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