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Justin McAmmond analyzed utility-based energy usage data to assist Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS) in producing environmental and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions metrics and proposed GHG accounting processes.


Equity LifeStyle Properties is continuously working to improve reporting and transparency on environmental metrics with a focus on utilities that the company controls compared to resident and guest usage. ELS enlisted Justin McAmmond to support energy and related GHG emissions analysis and to build sound GHG accounting processes.


Together with ELS’ Sustainability team, Justin approached the greenhouse gas accounting process using a phased method:

  • Data Gathering: Justin applied data quality control and assurance methods in his review and collection of multiple years of energy usage data across over 400 properties. Together with an external party, he gathered additional data points to further understand the environmental impact of ELS’ operations compared to resident and guest impacts.
  • Data Analysis: Justin supported analysis of energy usage data to understand costs, emissions, and energy intensity trends across ELS’ asset types over time, by region, season, occupancy rate, energy source, and end use. He assessed natural gas and electricity trends across ELS’ operations compared to residents and guests.
  • Data Presentation: He presented initial energy metrics in line with GHG Protocol Scopes, reflecting operational control and portfolio boundaries established in ELS’ internal GHG Inventory Management Plan.
  • GHG Accounting SOP Development: Justin prepared detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for inclusion in ELS’ GHG Inventory Management Plan.


Justin supported ELS’ ability to report portfolio-wide environmental metrics for energy usage and energy-related GHGs through his data aggregation and analysis across three years and 400+ properties. The SOPs will supplement ELS’ GHG Inventory Management Plan to contribute to consistency of metrics over time.

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