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New York, NY


As an EDF Climate Corps Fellow, Isabel identified opportunities for Etsy to strengthen and formalize its climate risk assessment process in line with TCFD standards.


Etsy Inc., the global online marketplace, published its first TCFD disclosure in 2020 and identified opportunities to strengthen its process for managing climate risk and opportunities. Etsy enlisted EDF Climate Corps Fellow Isabel Moore to provide research and recommendations to systematize the way Etsy identifies and evaluates climate risk and opportunity. 


Isabel’s project began with benchmarking and a gap analysis. She researched industry best practices for climate risk management and disclosure, and explored tools to evaluate salient climate risks. She then identified specific actions Etsy can take to improve its climate risk assessment process and TCFD reporting.

Isabel’s initial research laid the groundwork for additional projects in support of Etsy’s ESG risk management goals. She created an educational resource on climate risk for internal stakeholder engagement and conducted research on industry best practices for evaluating and addressing social risks in addition to climate risks.

Potential Impact

As a result of Isabel’s research, cross-team presentations and recommendations, Etsy is better equipped to educate internal stakeholders on climate-related risks and opportunities and to embed climate risk identification into cross-functional workflows. In addition to continuing to strengthen its annual TCFD disclosure. Etsy also has new resources related to social impacts and risks. 

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