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Zero Emission Vehicles, Freight and Logistics




Atlanta, GA


Courtney Carothers created Fulton County's first electric vehicle transition plan.


Fulton County’s goal of transitioning 25% of its light-duty administrative vehicles to electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles by 2030 is a part of its newly updated Sustainability Plan.

This transition plan creates a roadmap that educates readers on electric vehicles and compatible infrastructure, allows county leaders to assess the current state of the county’s fleet, and creates viable routes that can successfully lead to the implementation of a transition route that meets Fulton County’s fleet goals.  


Although Fulton County encompasses the 8th largest city within the southeastern region, it is neither a city nor state which is where most transition plans originate, nor does it have a transit/metro/bus system or planning department. Contrarily, Fulton County provided Courtney with the rare opportunity to work within the most populated county in the state of Georgia.

This fellowship opportunity also allows her to work within the county’s sustainability department, research EV transition plans, vehicle-emissions data, fleet data, current infrastructure, funding opportunities, cost estimates, and electric vehicle data, all in effort to design an EV transition plan. As a result, the fellow has presented this EV transition plan to the sustainability department head and the county executive team. The sustainability department is now working with the county executive team to determine the best way to fund the project.

Potential Impact

As a result of the EV transition plan, Fulton County is much better prepared to meet its EV sustainability goals.

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