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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Menlo Park, CA


Jenny Hyun successfully spearheaded Genesys' first Climate Scenario Analysis, an important step towards bolstering the company’s climate resilience plan.


Genesys believes that commitment to sustainability is a crucial determinant in securing new business opportunities. With the implementation of the Climate Scenario Analysis (CSA), its goal is to enhance understanding of the company’s climate resilience across various scenarios. By evaluating the company’s potential performance under a variety of future pathways, Genesys intends to deepen its understanding of how to address identified vulnerabilities and manage risks, thus allowing it to stay ahead of the curve and maximize potential opportunities along the way. 


In response to Genesys' goals, Jenny effectively conducted a preliminary CSA through a comprehensive three-step process.

  • First, she identified the risks and opportunities most relevant to Genesys' business operations. This was achieved by conducting a series of interviews with subject matter experts, complemented by peer benchmarking and a thorough analysis of best practices.
  • Second, she carried out a qualitative analysis using insights from internal stakeholder interviews, secondary research, and publicly available tools. This approach facilitated an initial risk assessment, spotlighting potential hotspots that require attention.
  • The third step involved a quantitative analysis where aspects of the scenarios were quantified, as necessary. This allowed the translation of identified risks into monetary values, thereby providing a tangible understanding of potential impacts. 

Potential Impact

The initial Climate Scenario Analysis (CSA) provided Genesys crucial insights into the regulatory landscape, required procedures, and resources for such exercise. This preliminary exploration helped identify potential risk hotspots across its global network and outlined steps for a robust climate resilience strategy. Notably, it highlighted key climate-related transition risks and potential opportunities.

Genesys, guided by Jenny's analysis, will continue refining its CSA, ensuring deeper stakeholder engagement for a more comprehensive approach.

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