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Health Care

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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Cambridge, MA


Carley Klekas worked with an internal sustainability team to create a custom energy management system for Genzyme.


Carley Klekas was asked to work with Genzyme’s Global Energy Sustainability Team to develop an Energy Management System (EnMS) according to key attributes from the International Standard ISO 50001. With this new strategic policy, Genzyme will be able to more effectively manage its Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and employee engagement activities within all of its sites. The company has committed to a 2020 absolute carbon reduction target of 20 percent from a 2010 baseline, which allots to approximately two percent per year. The EnMS policy will help drive this goal by engaging and empowering Genzyme sites in energy performance improvements. It will move the structure of an already very effective energy program at Genzyme to a policy level, supported by its Senior Leadership Team.


After assisting in the development of the EnMS, Klekas also integrated the newly developed policy into existing practices in the Global Engineering Department. In addition to the energy reduction goals Genzyme is already meeting each year, additional savings can be estimated from the culture change the EnMS policy should help drive. Alongside her recommendation to enforce the EnMS policy, Klekas developed a projected timeline for implementation.

Potential Impact

If the EnMS is implemented, the organization could see a savings of approximately $270,000 per year based on a 1.5 percent reduction in its $18 million energy spend and approximately 818 metric tons per year of carbon emissions. 

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