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Industrial Goods and Manufacturing

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Engagement and Behavior Change




Boston, MA


Genevieve Silva worked to communicate and substantiate that biotech is climate tech, in collaboration with both business development and marketing teams at Ginkgo Bioworks.


The primary goal of Genevieve Silva’s fellowship was to demonstrate and communicate the sustainability value-add of Ginkgo’s services to prospective clients seeking to decarbonize or otherwise become more environmentally sustainable. This fell under the Policy and Partnerships team’s broader goal of promoting the idea that climate tech includes biotech innovations like the synthetic biology services at Ginkgo. This also aligned with the themes of the second annual Ginkgo Sustainability Report, which was published at the start of this fellowship.


Genevieve created multi-modal materials via cross-company conversations with internal stakeholders, deep dives into the scientific literature, reviews of the sustainability commitments of potential clients, and exploration of allied industry organizations for potential partnerships. She wrote blog posts and website updates as part of a marketing campaign for one of Ginkgo’s services and client industries, created explainer and strategy documents for internal use, briefed various teams on the status of climate commitments for various industries, and conducted outreach to establish a basis for future external collaborations. 

Potential Impact

This work dovetailed with the broader organization-wide effort, “Caring at Ginkgo,” and this research will inform the content of the third annual Ginkgo Sustainability Report next year. This project touched many individuals across the company’s teams, and the materials created can help bolster Ginkgo’s role as an industry thought leader, raise internal awareness of Ginkgo’s environmental potential and the ways to communicate it, and strengthen the sustainability value proposition in conversations with clients.

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