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Industrial Goods and Manufacturing

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Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Boston, MA


Jules worked with Ginkgo Bioworks on a life cycle assessment initiative to determine the environmental impacts of biomanufacturing.


Ginkgo Bioworks aimed to build understanding and define an approach to measuring environmental impact of biomanufacturing. Ginkgo Bioworks tasked Jules with supporting the launch of a life cycle assessment (LCA) initiative to demonstrate the role of synthetic biology and Ginkgo in helping to meet global emissions reductions targets.


Jules approached this project with a four key objectives: 

  1. Background research and stakeholder mapping: Conduct background research and a literature review of the applications of LCA in the synthetic biology sector. Identify strategic stakeholders that could help contribute to Ginkgo’s sustainability initiatives. 

  2. LCA Project partner: Assess and identify a partner to launch a LCA with and build out sustainability focused case studies.

  3. Business Development: Enable Ginkgo’s business development through creation of relevant case studies, one-pagers, and growth materials

  4. Sustainability Platform: Consider approaches for engaging strategic thought partners and the broader community on synthetic biology as climate tech.

Potential Impact

Over the course of the summer, Jules was able to scope and build out the LCA initiative at Ginkgo Bioworks. Through conducting a literature review, garnering key support and insights from strategic stakeholders, and developing growth materials, Jules helped to demonstrate the potential role of synthetic biology as climate tech. Ginkgo Bioworks plans to use this foundation to continue building out case studies for its business development, and more broadly, expects to further the conversation around leveraging biology to contribute to the fight against climate change.

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