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Financial Services and Insurance

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Financial Evaluation and Planning




Bangalore, Karnataka


Asheel Nair identified and matchmade climate technologies and innovations for adoption by micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the automotive components sector.


  • Identification of intervention areas or opportunities within MSMEs. Gathering of problem statements and possible intervention areas across their operations which may include resource efficiency, and material efficiency.

  • Engage with MSMEs whose users or adopters of climate technology understand their process and the problems they face in adopting the green technology.

  • To invite innovators who might be able to provide solutions previously identified. Invite applications and conduct two to three levels of reviews for assessment of the technology, to assess business models and their readiness.


Intervention areas were identified such as emissions, staining and painting, and battery and tyre replacement. Problem statements were also formed, where solutions for each problem were found and respective startups and innovations working on the solution were mapped.

The project involved mapping out innovations and inviting applications from the innovators, driving outreach and social media, running the selection process along with stakeholders/ partners, and supporting matchmaking for winning innovations with the MSMEs in collaboration with our partners.

Potential Impact

About 50+ different climate technologies and innovations were found and mapped to the respective problem statements. All the innovations and technology were categorized on the basis of their technology readiness criteria and their environmental impact.

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