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Financial Evaluation and Planning




Sacramento, CA


Kathleen Daniel helped Greenwise Joint Venture situate itself as the primary resource for Property Assessed Clean Energy in the Sacramento area.


Kate Daniel was put to the task of advancing Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), a creative financing mechanism to allow property owners to pay back the costs of an energy upgrade on their property tax bill.


Daniel began by assessing opportunities to increase utilization of PACE financing. Through research and outreach, she discovered there is a strong need for greater education on the PACE model and specific programs.

From there, Daniel looked for ways Greenwise could best serve as a clearinghouse for PACE programs in the Sacramento region. She identified three methods:

  1. Foster collaborative relationships with PACE providers, state and local government leaders and other stakeholders.
  2. Curate a comprehensive website of information and resources, including a dashboard of the number of PACE projects and dollars financed in the region.
  3. Convene events directed at target audiences, particularly state legislators, local governments and commercial property owners.

Daniel built content for the website, conducted outreach to providers and initiated meetings with staff for key state legislators.

Potential Impact

Daniel's efforts should positively impact sustainable practices in the Sacremento region. Greenwise plans to continue these efforts to position itself as the primary resource center for PACE in this area.

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