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Daniel Uminski developed an evaluation tool for the adoption of commercial solar installations utilizing C-PACE financing.


Greenworks Lending, a Nuveen affiliate, and leader of C-PACE financing in the United States, is exploring strategies for the continued adoption of solar specific installations on commercially-owned properties that can utilize the unique benefits of C-PACE financing. The Solar Development Team at Greenworks Lending worked with Daniel Uminski, an EDF Climate Corp Fellow, to enhance the current evaluation process for prospective projects, new target markets, and optimal financing solutions.


Given the variability and availability of C-PACE policies across the country, Daniel focused on identifying  key components that have made C-PACE financing successful in current territories. By incorporating and optimizing solar engineering and energy market data along with alternative financing structures, Daniel created an evaluation tool that highlights the forecasted returns of C-PACE financed solar projects across a spectrum of key project variables and metrics.

Potential Impact

With the ability to assess the potential of commercial solar opportunities quickly and accurately, Greenworks Lending can continue their role as an industry leader in C-PACE adoption in new and existing markets. 

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