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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Los Angeles, CA


Marisa Hanson helps the Hammer Museum improve energy efficiency without compromising aesthetics.


The Hammer Museum needed help saving energy and money, but as an art museum sacrificing atmosphere was out of the question.


Marisa Hanson identified opportunities to implement energy efficient LED lighting in both gallery and non-gallery spaces while keeping the importance of aesthetics in mind. Additionally, Hanson recommended changes to operational procedures in the IT and Facilities departments. These included implementing computer power management settings on employee PCs and utilizing the building management system to implement a dynamic, as opposed to a static, conditioning schedule for certain spaces throughout the museum.

Potential Impact

Hanson’s analysis projected estimated savings of over 243,000 kilowatt hours annually. Implementation of these projects could save the Hammer Museum more than $41,000 in annual operating costs and avoid nearly 110 metric tons of carbon emissions.

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