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Allen Townsend identified potential energy saving opportunities for HCA Healthcare and recommended ways to increase effectiveness of remote sensors and scale the technology.


HCA Healthcare (HCA), one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services, is testing new and scalable technologies to reduce its energy usage. HCA enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Allen Townsend to identify opportunities to enhance existing remote sensors - devices that monitor building performance and environment, and can help make adjustments to buildings in areas like temperature, humidity, light, air and water flow – to drive additional energy reductions across HCA’s facilities.


Allen worked with HCA’s Director of Sustainability, HCA’s multi-disciplinary Sustainability Steering Committee chaired by a member of senior leadership, and the committee’s four task forces: Energy and Water, Construction and Major Renovation, Waste Stream, and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing to survey the state of remote sensor technologies, both within HCA and in the commercial building space. Townsend then established a baseline of HCA’s energy reductions through its existing sensor technology, especially for HVAC and lighting. He also visited an installed sensor system. Townsend explored benefits from remote sensor technology, estimated savings, and identified challenges and opportunities for scaling the use of sensors. Based on his findings, he recommended solutions for deployment.

Potential Impact

Allen presented his project findings and a three-stage implementation plan for optimizing and scaling remote sensors to members of HCA’s Sustainability Steering Committee. Townsend’s recommendations could result in HCA enhancing use of this technology. Townsend also estimated HCA’s increasing utilization of remote sensors has the potential to achieve an 11.5% energy reduction across the enterprise.

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