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Data Analysis




McLean, VA


Lucia Xia analyzed energy use data for a selection of Hilton properties and recommended ways to upgrade the company’s energy management platform.


Hilton, a leading global hospitality company, enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Lucia Xia to improve and optimize its award-winning energy management platform, LightStay. Lucia was also asked to lead the Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification process, which connects internal and external stakeholders to better identify opportunities for maximizing efficiencies and cost savings at three Hilton properties.


Working closely with Hilton’s VP of Corporate Responsibility & ADA Compliance, Lucia evaluated energy use data and employed statistical modeling to segment over 4,700 Hilton properties. This process revealed patterns and optimizations that can guide future upgrades to LightStay. Lucia also led the SEP certification of three Hilton properties through the detailed valuation of energy savings. As an additional project, she took a deep dive into the energy profiles of three Hilton properties. Through modeling, she uncovered key areas for efficiency improvements and made actionable recommendations.

Potential Impact

Lucia’s findings will be incorporated into future upgrades of the LightStay energy management tool as part of Hilton’s efforts to protect the environment. The work done by Lucia at Hilton will allow the company’s thousands of properties around the world to better manage their energy consumption and drive higher efficiencies, contributing to the sustainability of the business as well as to the company’s bottom line. 

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