Hispanic Housing Development

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Public Housing Authority

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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Chicago, IL


Ethan Guy worked on energy efficiency retrofits and an energy efficiency focused behavior change campaign.


Ethan Guy worked with the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation (HHDC) and Affordable Community Energy (ACE) on two main projects during his fellowship.


The first project focused on solidifying energy efficiency cost and savings projections for financial underwriting of $8 million worth of energy efficiency retrofits in 17 affordable housing properties, 13 of which are within the HHDC portfolio, four of which are owned by third parties. These retrofits incorporated a mix of low-cost measures, such as lighting retrofits, and more expensive emerging technologies, including some of the first apartment-sized combined heat and power systems to be installed in the Chicago area.

For the second project, Guy performed a program evaluation of the Chicago Neighborhood Challenge (CNEC), an energy efficiency focused, behavior change campaign developed by a partnership of ACE, HHDC, the City of Chicago, the Delta Institute, Enterprise Community Partners and the University of Chicago. Guy focused on compiling lessons learned from CNEC and providing recommendations for program continuation.

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