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Supriya Dharkar analyzed new energy-saving solutions and helped Hitachi Consulting accelerate sustainability for its customers.


Hitachi Consulting Energy Solutions (HCES), a division of Hitachi Consulting, helps large enterprises manage and reduce their energy consumption through sustainable infrastructures. HCES currently delivers lighting and HVAC-related solutions across a variety of corporate facility types and is rapidly expanding into new industries, asset classes and technologies to harness additional energy savings for its customers. HCES recruited Supriya Dharkar into the Strategy and Solution Development team to help design new energy conservation solutions for an unmet customer asset classification and to develop a solution roadmap to accelerate the availability of the solution for HCES customers.


Based on an analysis of the current and forecasted asset class energy consumption, Dharkar researched Hitachi solutions as well as other solutions available in the marketplace today. Modeling techniques were used to calculate and contrast energy savings for each of the recommended technologies. Dharkar also explored application of sustainable sources at the clients’ site, which could result in significant savings and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Dharkar then worked to finalize solution design, evaluate the solution business case and develop an implementation plan to rapidly bring this new technology to HCES customers.

Potential Impact

Dharkar has helped HCES develop a custom-designed energy savings solution portfolio with applicability to over 115,000 sites across the US. If the recommended energy-efficient technologies are implemented appropriately, the site’s energy consumption can potentially be reduced by up to 45 percent. The application of sustainable sources can help the site become greener and can considerably reduce maintenance costs. Successful implementation of the identified energy-saving products across the customers profile could significantly help lower current and forecasted annual energy costs. 

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