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Clean and Renewable Energy, Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Plano, TX


Sindhura set up a GHG inventory plan to formalize data collection systems and developed a roadmap of sustainability initiatives for At Home, a leading home decor retailer.


At Home had recently developed its first GHG inventory that accounted for scope 3 emissions and wanted to explore opportunities for GHG mitigation. They enlisted Sindhura to help on improving process controls and analytics around its ESG data, identifying emissions hotspots, and recommending strategic sustainability initiatives through a roadmap.


Sindhura approached the project in two stages:

  1. Data collection process: Based on a review of the 2022 GHG inventory and related documentation, discussions with different business units, sustainability consultants and other stakeholders, Sindhura created a GHG inventory plan that set out At Home’s operational boundaries, activity data and emissions sources. Sindhura also initiated the process for At Home to select an ESG performance management platform to provide At Home with functional insights to improve their sustainability practices.

  2. Analysis for Roadmap: Sindhura mapped a range of initiatives to reduce emissions across scopes 1,2 and 3 for retail companies and used selection criteria collectively identified with the At Home team to identify sustainability initiatives for the team to pursue that align with the company’s strategic priorities.


Potential Impact

Sindhura helped At Home streamline processes and increase controls around its ESG data, prepared a business case for various emissions reduction measures and developed materials and communications to educate team members. If adopted, Sindhura’s recommendations could help At Home significantly reduce scope 2 emissions in the short run and pave the way for a more sustainable supply chain in the long run.

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