Housing Authority of the City of Asheville

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Public Housing Authority

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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Asheville, NC


Isaac Hacerola evaluated energy efficiency and accreditation opportunities for HACA.


The Housing Authority of the City of Asheville (HACA) bought Isaac Hacerola in to help the authority save energy and obtain accreditations.


Hacerola completed a voluntary organizational sustainability accreditation program offered by the U.S. Department of Urban Development and Sustainable Performance Institute and evaluated energy efficiency measures across its portfolio. To complete the accreditation, Hacerola worked closely with key managers and staff to document HACA’s sustainable practices, implement energy data management tools, develop sustainability goals with action plans and engage employees to implement HACA’s green operations and maintenance manual. 

Hacerola evaluated a plan to replace 600 old electric resistance wall heaters with low-wattage convection panel heaters in two housing developments. This measure could save the HACA approximately 500,000 kilowatt hours and reduce carbon emissions by 230 metric tons annually saving more than $370,000. The heaters will be piloted in several apartments this winter. Hacerola also evaluated the impacts of reducing the gasoline consumption of HACA’s vehicle fleet by 25 percent through operational changes. This measure could save HACA approximately 5,000 gallons of gasoline and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 44 metric tons annually saving approximately $200,000.

Potential Impact

Hacerola's accreditation efforts proved successful during the final week of his fellowship when HACA was awarded full accreditation under the program. All together, Hacerola's plans should save the HACA more than $570,000 annually.

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