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Junmei Hu worked with Huafeng to develop an Energy Transition Roadmap with proposed targets and an implementation plan to meet government and customer requirements.


Under  multiple pressures of the government and customers like Adidas, Nike, and Decathlon, energy transition is an urgent need for Huafeng. In order to set energy transition goals and solutions suitable for the enterprise, Huafeng enlisted Junmei Hu to investigate different plans and draw Huafeng’s future energy transition roadmap.


Junmei approached the challenge using a four-part process:

  1. Identify the goals of energy transition: With the requirements of governments at all levels and multiple customers, Junmei has set three goals: coal removal by 2023, 100% renewable electricity by 2025, and the ratio of non-fossil energy increased to 25% by 2030.
  2. Clarify the current status of Huafeng's energy demand: Combining field survey and existing data, Junmei summarized Huafeng's current energy structure and demand features, the gap between current status and targets has been clarified.
  3. Analyze the feasibility of different plans: Junmei analyzed four individual projects, including biomass, natural gas, on-site photovoltaic projects, and power transactions from three aspects, including technological maturity, resource availability, and economic feasibility.
  4. Draw the Roadmap of Huafeng's energy transition: With goals and solutions, Huafeng's Roadmap for the energy transition to 2030 has been created.

Potential Impact

Junmei produced a 2030 Energy Transition Roadmap to provide a clear path for Huafeng to meet the requirements of government and customers. Implementing the Roadmap could achieve coal removal and 100% renewable electricity and potentially reduce over 50% carbon dioxide by 2030. On-site photovoltaic projects and power transactions projects identified in the Roadmap could potentially save Huafeng millions of yuan in energy costs per year.

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