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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Putian, Fujian


Muqiu Yan provided Huafeng with a feasible strategic plan for sustainable development.


In light of the brand's requirements and its own need to save energy and reduce consumption, Huafeng Group commissioned Muqiu Yan from EDF CC to develop a feasible strategic plan for sustainable development for Huafeng, including: a planning and risk study for Huafeng's SBTi launch, a pathway and risk study for Huafeng's participation in the carbon market, a pathway and risk study for Huafeng's purchase of green electricity, and the development of a framework for Huafeng's future release of ESG. 


In light of the SBTi rules framework and the brand's requirements for Huafeng, Muqiu Yan compiled a pathway plan for Huafeng to develop SBTi by conducting thorough research, consulting with third-party organizations, and conducting peer-to-peer exchanges, providing a detailed carbon inventory list, assisted with the submission of a commitment letter, and dispelled the supervisor's doubts about the $9,500 target audit fee.

  • Muqiu Yan conducted an in-depth study on the principles and the current status of carbon market operation, and modeled the benefits of the company's participation in carbon trading, taking into account Huafeng's production and future carbon price projections. If Huafeng can complete its current energy saving and emission reduction plan, it could achieve relatively considerable income when it is included in the carbon market.
  • Muqiu Yan received training from Adidas, conducted in-depth study and research on national policies, industry reports, and the green power market in Fujian Province, and provided Huafeng with a prioritized strategy and path to purchase green electricity and the corresponding risks.
  • After an in-depth study of authoritative ESG reports and guidelines, and reference to excellent peer cases, Muqiu Yan developed a framework for Huafeng's ESG report publication, pointing out Huafeng's good ESG practices, and providing advice accordingly. 

Potential Impact

Muqiu Yan provided a feasible action proposal for the Huafeng Group and made a summary presentation for the company's senior and middle management. The proposal provided a future direction for the work of the sustainability department and was well received by the leadership.

The SBTi, carbon market, green electricity, and ESG studies completed by Muqiu Yan, will all add to Huafeng's knowledge base on sustainability, promote awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, enhance corporate social responsibility, and better address the risks posed by climate change.

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