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Qiaotong Pang compiled the environmental compliance audit and analyzed the future environmental compliance trends for the Huafeng Group.


The Huafeng Group, one of the textile suppliers of major sports brands, owned more than ten plants that produce products for the whole textile industrial chain. The Huafeng Group was facing increasing environmental pressures from both clients and the government. EDF Climate Corps fellow Qiaotong Pang was enlisted to conduct an environmental compliance audit and an analysis of future trends of environmental compliance for the Huafeng Group.


In collaboration with the legal department, the environmental protection department, the energy department, the water management department, and the chemicals management department, Qiaotong compiled an environmental compliance audit form which can be divided into the following parts:

  • Waste Gas
  • Waste Water
  • Hazardous Solid Wastes and General Wastes
  • Chemicals Management
  • Noise Management
  • GHG Emission Compliance
  • Cleaner Production

Qiaotong first extracted involved articles of laws, regulations, requirements from client and industry associations as well as related information. Secondly, the compliance status was recognized through all kinds of investigations. Finally, Qiaotong proposed suggestions for improving environmental compliance in the Huafeng Group. Qiaotong also did a policy analysis to help predict future environmental compliance trends for the textile industry.

Potential Impact

Qiaotong’s research provided the Huafeng Group with a thorough summary of environmental laws and regulations that they should comply with, which will help in avoiding the risk of non-compliance, reducing waste emissions, improving energy efficiency, and ameliorating environmental health.

Qiaotong’s analysis of future environmental compliance will also help the Huafeng Group prepare in advance in emission permit trading, environmental information disclosure, and environmental and occupational health.

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