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Data Analysis, Industrial Energy Efficiency




Putian, Fujian


Zike Bai assisted Huafeng in improving the energy efficiency of its dyeing plant.


Huafeng is a large textile company that provides OEM for many internationally renowned brands. Huafeng's dyeing plant has long lacked an effective way of managing energy consumption. In order to improve the energy efficiency of the company, the dyeing plant installed energy meters for the dyeing vats and setting machines in 2022, and invited EDF CC fellow to help develop tools to analyze energy consumption data, and improve the energy efficiency of the dyeing plant through more precise production energy management.


Zike Bai analyzed the workflow of the dyeing plant, and developed a linear regression model capable of estimating the energy consumption for the dyeing vats and setting machines, both of which consume most of the energy in the dyeing plant, using energy consumption data for dyeing. The model can help the dyeing plant estimate reasonable energy consumption for production and provide a reference for managers.

In addition, Zike Bai developed four basic analytical tools for Huafeng to help managers compare energy consumption variations across products, monitor the production quality of product lines, evaluate employee performance, and detect potential equipment failures. 

Potential Impact

These analytical tools and perspectives have provided company managers with new management ideas, driving changes in production energy efficiency and employee performance management.

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