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Chase Howell helped identify and map out 3 potential strategies that could dramatically reduce Business Travel emissions in line with Indeed’s 2030 net-zero GHG emissions target.


Indeed is currently pursuing an ambitious net-zero GHG emissions by 2030 goal. In line with this effort, Indeed maintains a dedicated and growing sustainability team to work exclusively on meeting the 2030 target. As one part of this, Indeed hosted its second EDF Climate Corps Fellow, Chase Howell, to help with Scope 3 issues. Particularly, Chase sought to identify and ideate emissions reductions strategies in Business Travel, and then to establish ostensible logistics and timelines for their implementation.


Chase Howell adopted several approaches to identify workable strategies: 

  • Thorough research of Indeed’s work to date on sustainability issues, emissions reductions efforts, and the current state of business travel at the company. Once familiar with Indeed’s work, Chase developed a more complete picture of efforts by similar companies in the tech sector. 
  • Strategy development and stakeholder engagement formed the core of this internship. By leveraging research and consulting with various internal and external parties, a gradual narrowing of strategies occurred in addition to a growing understanding of each. Particular attention was paid to what efforts could work best in the context of Indeed’s present activities, future growth, and overall corporate structure. 
  • Develop a tight concept around 3 key strategies for Business Travel emissions reductions. Particular attention was paid to the weighing of potential risk, benefit, and ghg reduction of each given strategy and how they might work in concert. In addition, implementation timelines and logistics were highlighted in consultation with the sustainability team and other internal stakeholders.

Potential Impact

Chase evaluated a mix of strategies, such as limiting air travel under a certain distance, deploying an Internal Carbon Price, and making yearly increasing purchases of Sustainable Aviation Fuel. The solutions that Chase identified could potentially reduce Business Travel emissions roughly 11% in the short term, and up to 90% in the long term.

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