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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Wall, NJ


Matthew McGourty helped InfoAge move its efficency projects forwards by suggesting lighting retrofits and exploring financing options.


Matthew McGourty focused on energy efficiency assessments of the main buildings at the Information Age Learning Center (InfoAge). The objective of his project was to identify cost effective energy efficiency measures that will reduce the load of InfoAge as well as examine new technologies that will allow the museum to expand and fill its role as the premier science and learning destination on the Jersey Shore.


McGourty examined lighting and HVAC upgrades that could produce the largest energy reduction at the least amount of cost. The assessment focused primarily on a T-12 to T-8 lighting retrofit in four buildings, which are responsible for a majority of InfoAge’s annual energy costs and offer several possibilities for energy efficient upgrades. Financing measures for these projects were examined as well as the applicability of state sponsored rebates, such as Direct Install and SmartStart for new construction. McGourty’s secondary role was to develop a plan to power portions of the site with renewable sources of energy that could provide power to the buildings as well as offer an exhibit demonstrating new clean technologies. To accomplish this, several technologies were examined including solar PV, the accompanying power purchase agreement (PPA) and vertical axis wind turbines that are less disruptive to the surrounding environment.

Potential Impact

McGourty's plans will inform InfoAge's next steps toward increased sustainability.

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