Jacksonville Transportation Authority

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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Clean and Renewable Energy, Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Jacksonville, FL


Lisabeth Tremblay helped JTA's existing sustainability initiatives along, while also providing guidance on future projects.


Lisabeth Tremblay spent the summer working with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) in Jacksonville, FL., where she was asked to find energy savings.


For most of Tremblay’s fellowship, she focused on sustainability strategy and expanding upon JTA’s sustainability efforts. This included assisting in a new recycling initiative, creating metrics and organization-wide standardization for sustainable products, as well as the introduction of sustainability focused employee engagement activities. Through the aggregation of energy data, Tremblay was also able to identify areas of opportunity in JTA’s property portfolio. Through analysis of energy consumption, Tremblay recommended a re-evaluation of the organization’s park-n-ride lighting, as well as a conversion to a LED lighting source. 

Potential Impact

The lighting retrofit recommendations have the potential to reduce JTA’s park-n-ride lighting costs by as much as 50 percent. Through a presentation which addressed the organization’s management team, Tremblay provided analysis and actionable steps to assist the JTA along its sustainability journey.

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