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Chevy Chase, MD


Alicia Cushman created an energy database for JBG, and analyzed funding strategies for existing sustainability initiatives.


At JBG, Alicia Cushman was asked to design an energy efficiency database to track costs, savings and contracts from over 500 energy efficiency projects in the company's 38 million square foot portfolio of commerical office space.


Cushman also analyzed alternative financing strategies for a proposed $1.6-million efficiency project at a 390,000 square foot complex in Washington, DC. She recommended a managed energy services agreement with SCIenergy - by funding efficiency projects through third parties, JBG may be able to recover its initial capital expenditures through what they save on energy costs. The company assessed contracts for the project in the fall of 2012. To prepare for its distribution to commercial property operating teams, the database was beta tested in September 2012. 

Potential Impact

In total, Cushman analyzed retrofit projects for three commercial buildings which could save JBG over $3 million and 4 million kilowatt hours of energy.

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