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Douglas Herling worked with JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s Energy and Sustainability Team to find short and long term energy efficiency solutions.


Douglas Herling was enlisted by JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Energy and Sustainability team to identify a common solution for water and energy efficiency opportunities throughout its real estate portfolio.


Herling and the Energy team evaluated three specific conservation measures. The first, an irrigation control system, could save 37.6 million gallons of water annually. The second, an HVAC control module, could save 22.7 million kilowatt hours and reduce carbon emissions by approximately 12,000 tons annually. The third, a building management system upgrade, could save an additional 14.2 million kWh and reduce carbon emissions by up to 8,000 tons annually. Herling also developed a model that identifies facilities within Chase’s retail portfolio based on projected energy savings and estimates the cost and payback for the project. During the last weeks of the internship, Herling created a model to identify facilities and cost impacts to assist JPMorgan Chase & Co. in improving its LEED certification strategies. The analysis provided the Energy and Sustainability team a clear and concise strategy detailing LEED options, project costs and timelines for completion.

Potential Impact

All three of the energy team evaluations could result in significant energy and cost savings as well as provide a positive environmental impact to the firm. The first two projects, at time of writing, were in the pilot phase, with the third undergoing further analysis.

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