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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy, Zero Emission Vehicles, Freight and Logistics




Frisco, TX


Sinan Yorukoglu performed a quantitative analysis using operational data to evaluate the potential for fleet electrification at select at Keurig Dr Pepper locations.


Keurig Dr Pepper is assessing electrification opportunities for its fleet which consists of medium- and heavy-duty trucks used in distribution and delivery operations. Sinan Yorukoglu was enlisted to perform a quantitative analysis on EV fleet deployment scenarios through modeling exercises.


Sinan tackled the challenge through the following three steps:

  • Identify location(s) for analysis. Sinan considered the current fleet composition, lease and ownership status of facilities, and researched local and state incentive opportunities. Through stakeholder meetings that include fleet and sustainability teams at KDP, he and the team then decided to focus on 3 key distribution centers.

  • Snapshot of Operations. Sinan utilized operational data from the fleet telematics system, including miles driven, fuel economy, and operation cycles, to better understand the performance characteristics of the fleet and potential for electrification at selected locations.

  • High level cost analysis. Using EDF’s total cost of ownership tool, Sinan performed a high-level comparable cost analysis on diesel and EV trucks based on the collected data and a set of aligned assumptions.

Potential Impact

As a result of Sinan’s work, KDP was able to better understand the level and variety of data the company has at its disposal regarding its fleet operations. KDP can now extend this exercise to its other locations, perform a deeper and more refined analysis, and can make more informed decisions when incorporating future fleet strategies as part of their decarbonization efforts.

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