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Seattle, WA


Abdel Latif Ladki uncovered significant energy savings for King County Metro Transit alongside providing data management assistance.


Abdel Latif Ladki was tasked with recommending energy management software to aid in data management for King County Metro Transit, a public transit agency with a fleet of approximately 1,500 buses.


Ladki suggested replacing the existing High Pressure Sodium lighting system with a Light Emitting Diode (LED) system complemented with sensors. This could reduce lighting consumption by approximately 440,000 kilowatt hours per year and save approximately $40,000 annually. He examined the fuel/wash facility air compressor system and suggested repairing the leaks and replacing the compressors with ones that have variable speed control. This could reduce the system’s pressure from 125 to 115 pounds per square inch which could result in a five percent energy savings. Ladki also analyzed a cyclone bus vacuum system and found upgrades, such as adding dampers and variable frequency drives that could reduce up to 40,000 kWh per year and could save $3,000.

Potential Impact

In total, Ladki's suggestions could save King County Metro Transit over 500,000 kWh and around $45,000 each year.

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