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Carlsbad, CA


Mohammed Awojobi developed a sustainability strategy that could result in up to a 46% reduction in the energy consumed in buildings with opportunity for savings within Kisco’s portfolio.


To launch Kisco’s sustainability initiative, Mohammed Awojobi was enlisted to focus on shaping Kisco’s Renewables and Energy Efficiency (R&EE) strategy across the company’s portfolio of senior living communities. He was charged with developing portfolio wide R&EE goals, strategies to meet the goals, and a management plan for implementation, optimization, and continuous evaluation.


Mohammed approached the challenge using a four-part process:

  1. Benchmark buildings in Kisco communities to evaluate their performance and categorize them into energy efficient buildings, buildings with potential for savings, and buildings with significant potential for savings. Also, an understanding of the correlation between the energy performance of the buildings and their age, location, and type of service offered in them was achieved. 

  2. Set sustainability goal for Kisco. All buildings should be energy efficient by 2028.

  3. Identify major energy efficiency measures for the HVAC systems, building envelope, lighting, laundry equipment installed in buildings at Kisco communities. 

  4. Performed financial analysis for the identified measure to provide associated annual savings, payback period, and return on investment. 

Potential Impact

With an estimated incremental initial cost of about $10.5 million for the implementation of the recommended energy efficiency measures in the underperforming buildings, about $1.9 million in utility bills can be saved per year. These savings translate into an annual energy savings of about 12.5 million kWh and avoided greenhouse gas (GHG) emission of about 5,500 tons of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) per year.

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