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Andrew Perkins helped LBA understand the numbers behind possible energy efficiency upgrades, and helped create a better process for dealing with vendor proposals.


LBA Realty, an Irvine, Calif. real estate investment and management company, asked Andy Perkins to help them with energy efficiency upgrades by quantifying the environmental benefits of those upgrades.


Perkins analyzed more than 25 lighting and HVAC retrofit projects that were recently implemented, are slated for completion in the next year or are under consideration. Most of the lighting retrofits replaced old fluorescent lamps with newer, high-efficiency models. The HVAC retrofits outfitted heating and cooling pump units with variable frequency drive. Perkins also helped the firm develop a new process for soliciting and reviewing vendor proposals, which will help identify those proposals with the highest potential to save on energy and emissions.

Potential Impact

Together, these projects could save LBA $1.15 million in operating costs and nearly 5,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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