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Data Analysis




Shenzhen, Guangdong


Ying Xiao established a forecasting model for power plant electricity consumption, conducted correlation analysis of electricity consumption, and proposed energy saving retrofit solutions.


Lenovo is building a Lenovo Southern Smart Center (LSSC) in Shenzhen. Energy efficiency diagnosis for the plant will be carried out, and feasible recommendations for improvement will be put forward. And based on the actual data from the old plant, the energy operation plan for the new plant will be determined.


The study on management and technology-based energy efficiency was carried out:

  • Collated plant data in recent years, and developed a forecasting model for LSTM electricity consumption to predict electricity consumption based on output and weather.
  • Calculated the correlation between plant output and electricity consumption details (e.g. air conditioning and lighting electricity consumption) using SPSS software and regulated plant electricity consumption.
  • Proposed a retrofit solution for waste heat recovery and airflow organization.

Potential Impact

The forecasting model can predict the plant's electricity consumption based on monthly output and weather, facilitating the management of electricity consumption and the indicator setting of the plant. Based on the electricity consumption correlation, management measures can be adjusted in a targeted manner during the daily operation of the plant by analyzing the previous month's electricity consumption by portion and identifying the portion of electricity consumption that should not increase with output. Technology-based energy efficiency can help the plant reduce its energy consumption.

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