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San Francisco, CA


Betty Cheong researched and developed Lyft’s Science-Based Targets, 2022 GHG Inventory, and advised their CDP response.


Lyft has helped pioneer the movement to revolutionize transportation and build a world around people, not cars. This transformative concept not only promotes human connectivity but also holds the potential for significant emissions reduction.

To further demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, Lyft enlisted Betty Cheong to calculate and verify Lyft's 2022 Greenhouse Gas Inventory, guide CDP reporting, develop Science-Based Targets, analyze renewable energy procurement, and complete an e-scooter lifecycle assessment.


Expanding on the foundation laid by Lyft's former Climate Corps fellows, Betty undertook the development of a comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory in accordance with the GHG Protocol. This involved not only calculating new categories but also enhancing the precision of existing ones. Furthermore, she diligently collaborated with a third-party auditor to verify the accuracy and validity of Lyft's emissions data.

In her efforts to establish Science-Based Targets (SBTs), Betty conducted extensive research to benchmark various companies. She then constructed SBT models and engaged cross-functional teams in discussions to garner support and alignment across different departments. Lastly, she conducted a thorough gap analysis of Lyft's CDP response, identifying areas with potential for improvement.

Potential Impact

A verified greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory comprehensively tracks all the emissions sources for which Lyft holds responsibility. This inventory is crucial in pinpointing significant opportunities for reducing emissions. Furthermore, having a GHG inventory underscores Lyft's dedication to transparency and proactive measures against climate change.

By working on science-based targets, Lyft can ensure its alignment with the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, thereby making strides toward emission reduction to mitigate the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change.

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