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Ria worked with Mahindra & Mahindra to develop a roadmap for net-zero and Scope 3 emission reductions.


Mahindra & Mahindra, one of India’s leading automotive manufacturers, is working ambitiously towards reducing its emissions for its automotive & farm equipment business. M&M enlisted Ria to make a roadmap to net-zero and suggest actionable recommendations for Scope 3 emission reductions (which accounts for approximately 99% of total emissions). The project also included calculation of emission factors for GHGs and competitive benchmarking.


With an aim to make the roadmap for net-zero, Ria's first task was to calculate emission factors for GHGs other than CO2.M&M prepared a roadmap for carbon neutrality for Scope 1 & 2, tasking Ria with creating a revised plan with updated assumptions and methodology. Ria’s major contribution was to chalk out the roadmap for Scope 3. 

After an in-depth study of M&M’s business, future targets, meetings with potential collaborators for sustainable solutions, and competitive benchmarking of M&M with global competitors and peers, she prepared the roadmap. She projected emissions for the next 20 years based on current and prospective new initiatives by M&M, keeping them aligned with the NDCs of India to show subsequent reductions in emissions. 

Potential Impact

Ria’s recommendations have the potential to reduce emissions by approximately 0.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. A project recommendation developed by Ria has the potential to bring more business to M&M in addition to corresponding emission reductions.

Ria quantified emissions reduction associated with the company’s current and prospective sustainable practices. Overall reduction of Scope 3 by approximately 27% can be achieved through various measures mentioned in the roadmap. The roadmap can be further used by M&M to incorporate more emission reduction strategies in the future.

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