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Hariharan analyzed energy efficiency and green procurement policy initiatives at Club Mahindra Resorts.


Club Mahindra, the flagship brand of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, is a leading timeshare resort group in India and a sustainability leader. Club Mahindra aims to become carbon neutral by 2040 and SBTi certified by 2031. The leverage points in achieving these goals lie in energy-efficient operations, renewable energy focus, and a strong and integrated sustainable procurement chain. As an EDF climate corp fellow, Hariharan T S (shortly Hari) engaged in identifying opportunities in these areas and assisting Club Mahindra in realising its noble goals. 


Hari approached the goals by analyzing the usage of key resources such as power, water, and raw materials for food and beverages. He also conducted a walkthrough energy audit at Club Mahindra, one of the oldest properties at Munnar. In the process of energy audits, he identified opportunities that could substantially reduce GHG emissions by recommending simple structural and behavioural upgrades in the resort’s operations. He also identified solutions to water problems such as augmentation of storage capacity by utilising the water from a natural stream that helps Club Mahindra Munnar Resort to harness water potential during dry spells. Historically, procurement of materials contributes to a substantial amount of scope three emissions; to address the problem of emissions due to procurement, Hari proposed modification in Club Mahindra’s supply chain and procurement practices such as procuring from farmers/ farmers cooperatives for long-shelf-life agricultural produces such as rice. The project can avoid substantial GHG emissions due to the shift in procurement practices on organization-wide implementation.

Potential Impact

There are a multitude of impacts from these projects including monetary savings, reduction in GHG emissions, and self-reliance on resources such as power and water. The projects on completion have the potential of about $200,000 (INR 14 Million) annually to Club Mahindra and about 975 TCO2e of emissions annually. The supply chain solution of procurement from farmers cooperatives can economically and socially develop farmers, adding to the organisation’s goodwill apart from monetary and emission savings. 

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