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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




McLean, VA


Tiffany Mayville identified carbon sequestration opportunities and evaluated their potential impacts for Mars’ climate goals.


Mars, Incorporated is committed to reduce value chain emission by 27% by 2025 and 67% by 2050. While they are investing heavily to reduce emissions, there remains a challenge that it may not be enough to meet these targets. To address this challenge, Mars enlisted EDF Climate Corps Fellow Tiffany Mayville to help build an understanding of the carbon sequestration landscape and what opportunities best fit their goals and priorities.


To provide the foundation for Mars’ future carbon sequestration strategy, Mayville performed the following tasks:

  • Conducted a benchmarking analysis of corporate emission sequestration and removals claims. She identified key investments and trends across consumer goods companies.

  • Identified sequestration pathways and their potential impacts. She evaluated the feasibility and viability of these pathways to determine what opportunities best fit Mars’ priorities.

  • Quantified the sequestration potentials of these key pathways. These opportunities kept costs low and relative to their sequestration potentials. She developed a model to see the year-over-year impacts from these potential opportunities.

After performing these tasks, Mayville drafted key recommendations for Mars’ strategies, both within and outside of their value chain. She identified opportunities that meet their priorities and will allow them to see long-term impacts from their investments.


Mayville’s research and analysis will help Mars develop their carbon sequestration strategies to close any potential gaps in their targets. Her evaluation will build the foundation for Mars’ understanding of how sequestration opportunities fit in their value chain and climate goals. Her analysis will allow them to make informed business decisions for future investments.

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