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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Rochester, MN


Umar Farooq Ghumman helped Mayo Clinic reduce the outdoor air and exhaust air of one of Rochester’s largest energy intensive buildings.


Mayo Clinic, a non-profit company that operates a network of hospitals and related health facilities in the United States, is working to reduce its energy use 20 percent by 2020. They have already achieved 17% of that target, and focusing on the remaining goal. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps fellow Umar Farooq Ghumman was enlisted to help meet this goal by assessing the ventilation system in one of the largest energy-consuming buildings in Rochester.


Ghumman collected outdoor air and exhaust air data points for the 12-story building from many vetted sources, which were then aggregated into one accessible spreadsheet. The data contained information regarding outside air, exhaust, system airflows, and building pressurization. Using this, Ghumman determined how much both the outdoor air and the exhaust air could be decreased. Ghumman used this information to create a plan containing step-by-step methodologies on how to reach the optimum air balancing solution for each region.

Potential Impact

By implementing Ghumman’s recommendation, Mayo Clinic could save an estimated 2.39 Million kWh of electricity per year. The plan will be instrumental for Mayo in cutting down energy usage in their 12 story building.

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